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The Last Chair Brewery | Plymouth, New Hampshire

Every once in a while, you find an extraordinary place. It seems odd to say this, but, The Last Chair Brewery is one of those places. It has a unique charm and a down-to-earth atmosphere where you can relax and feel comfortable. I don’t know how I’ve passed this craft brewery so often in my travels for work (real work). It’s tucked away in an unassuming location you can easily pass over in Plymouth, New Hampshire. That is, until you know it’s there, and it’s hard to forget.

This was one of fewer than two dozen craft breweries in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Upon arriving, you notice the ski memorabilia adorning the walls and entrance outside. Entering the brewery is like you’ve been transported into a cozy ski lodge. There’s a stone fireplace and accents of woodwork throughout. The area is clean and well kept considering how busy it was the Saturday I visited.

The Last Chair Brewery - Award Winning Nachos
The Last Chair Brewery – Award Winning Nachos

The Last Chair Brewery | Mouth Watering Food

I should focus on the beer because that’s why I’m doing this. But, the food here can only go with mention. After being seated, the server mentioned that The Last Chair Brewery had been awarded second in New Hampshire for their nachos. It’s safe to say they were worthy of at least second place. I’ve yet to try the nachos that currently hold first place. If you’ve been to both spots, leave a comment and let me know!

We are a destination unlike any other. Our restaurant showcases a menu of dishes that are uncomplicated, yet elevated, in an atmosphere that is casual, yet exceptionally special. Guests can expect to want to stay a while sipping on our craft beer or enjoying a delicious handcrafted cocktail. Listen to local musicians perform live on our beautiful picturesque mountain view patio or inside cozied up by the beautiful stone fire place.

The Last Chair Brewery

Craft beer done right

And now, for the moment, I’ve been waiting for—the beer. You know if you’ve already been to the Last Chair Brewery. These brewer(s) at The Last Chair have done an exceptional job. I selected four beers that weren’t typically in my wheelhouse (usually just traditional IPAs), and each was equally delicious. I’ll review these beers individually, as they all deserve attention. I do, however, want to mention the Vortex Milkshake IPA briefly. That beer quite literally blew my socks off. Even if you aren’t into IPAs, this craft beer is on a level of its own.

The Last Chair but not your last visit

Suppose you are passing through New Hampshire on a ski trip, Or you’ve found yourself enjoying everything the Lakes Region offers during the summer. Then you should definitely experienced The Last Chair in Plymouth, New Hampshire. If you love food, craft beer, or both, then this is undoubtedly a place you will want to visit. However, the Last Chair is more than just any other brewery serving mediocre food with craft beer. Instead, they’ve taken the experience to another level, leaving you thinking about it long after you’ve gone.

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