NE Craft Brew – Best of January 2023
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Best of January 2023

I wanted to bring you the Best of January 2023 craft beers from the past month. I’ve reviewed a wide variety of craft beers from numerous craft breweries all across New England. Some of these brewers are widely known, while others I’ve just heard of when I started to take a closer look at all the craft beer offerings available to me here in New England.

Before I take you to the beers, I want you to understand how I approach the rating of these craft beers. To keep it simple, I wanted to present my favorites solely based on enjoyment and drinkability. Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. So, with that in mind, let’s look at my top three favorite beers from this past month.

Salem Lager – Notch Brewing

For some time now, I’ve been looking for a refreshing Lager with plenty of quaffable flavors. The Salem Lager from Notch Brewing was delivered. It was crisp and refreshing from start to finish. It wasn’t over complicated or gimmicky in any way. Salem Lager is just a straightforward Lager with great flavor that stays true to its roots.

I’ll be honest; when I first sipped this beer, it made me smile. So many times you crack open a beer, you’ve rolled the dice on, and you get let down. That wasn’t the case at all. After my “professional tasting assessment,” which consisted of drinking it slower than usual, I just sat back and enjoyed the rest. So if you spot this particular craft lager on any of your journeys, do yourself a favor and pick it up – you won’t be disappointed.

Salem Lager – Notch Brewing

Check out the full review of Salem Lager by Notch Brewing of Vermont.

Mountain Haze – Woodstock Inn and Brewery

Every once in a while, you find something that hits just right. Sometime earlier this year, I had tried Mountain Haze on a whim before I decided to start reviewing craft beers across New England. It was probably a post-hike snag from the local craft beer exchange. Regardless, this beer is the quintessential post-hike beer. Rich in flavor and refreshing.

With this craft beer, you can sit and reflect in quiet contemplation as it doesn’t demand your full attention. It lets you know it’s there with its bright hoppy flavor without being too upfront. Woodstock Inn and Brewery have always delivered quality craft beer. Mountain Haze doesn’t disappoint and allows you to enjoy it while calmly enjoying your favorite memories from your last hike.

I’ll be grabbing more Mountain Haze whenever I get the opportunity. This craft beer after a hot summer hike is perfect. Feel free to check out the full review of Mountain Haze by Woodstock Inn and Brewery, or grab some the next time you see it!

Woodstock Inn and Brewery - Mountain Haze
Woodstock Inn and Brewery – Mountain Haze

Spiked Smoothie Strawberry Lemonade

There always seems to be one can that catches my eye, whether it’s the crazy graphic or bright color combination. This one was the latter of the two. I can’t tell you how many times I have been burned by fancy can art. Perhaps, I’ll start a section focusing on just beer with deceptive cans that draw you in only to be disappointed by subpar craft beer.

Despite its bright colors, Connecticut Valley Brewing Company has one hell of a fruit beer with their Spiked Smoothie. I was checking out all their flavors, and they have quite a selection for the Spiked Smoothie line. Anyways – I was thrown off by this.

I had circled back to the case where this can was twice before I picked it up. But, knowing I was taking a chance, I grabbed it anyways. This has had to have been one of the more memorable beers this month. I feel like a broken record when I mention that I don’t care for fruit beers or sours. This is THE exception.

I haven’t tasted anything quite like this. Check out the full review of Spiked Smoothie Strawberry Lemonade by Connecticut Valley Brewing Company.

spiked smoothie - strawberry lemonade
spiked smoothie – strawberry lemonade

Best of January 2023 – Conclusion

Well, that’s it for NE Craft Brew – Best of January. It has honestly been an exciting journey so far. Looking at all these unique craft brews around New England has opened my eyes to how fortunate we are to live here.

If you enjoyed this post, please take some time to check out more of my reviews!

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