Mountain Haze
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A Refreshing NEIPA from Woodstock Inn Brewery

Craft beers can be perfect for any occasion, and Woodstock Inn and Brewery has perfected the post-hike IPA. Mountain Haze is a New England IPA with a little something for everyone. It’s hazy and golden copper, with a moderate head and floral notes. With just 6% ABV and 40 IBU, it’s easy to drink while packing plenty of flavors. Let’s take a closer look at this unique brew!

Woodstock Inn and Brewery - Mountain Haze
Woodstock Inn and Brewery – Mountain Haze

Aroma & Flavor Profile

Woodstock Inn and Brewery created this NEIPA with Mosaic Cryo, Citra Cryo, and Azacca hops. This blend creates a complex aroma of subtle malt and slightly hoppy notes. You’ll get a hint of bitterness on the tongue, but it quickly fades into an enjoyable aftertaste that will have you reaching for another sip!

What Sets Mountain Haze Apart?

If you’re looking for an IPA with flavor yet light enough to drink all day, then Mountain Haze is your beer! Unlike many other IPAs on the market today that is heavy on hops and bitterness, Mountain Haze is surprisingly balanced and approachable. So whether you’re an experienced craft beer drinker or someone just getting into the world of IPAs, this beer has something to offer everyone.

Woodstock Inn and Brewery - Mountain Haze
Woodstock Inn and Brewery – Mountain Haze

Pairing Suggestions

This craft beer pairs excellently with spicy dishes like curries or tacos. The slight maltiness of the beer complements the heat of these dishes perfectly! That being said, the beer also stands up great on its own—it’s the perfect reward after finishing a hike or simply enjoying some time in nature!


Woodstock Inn Brewery strives to bring customers flavorful beers that are easy to drink yet full of character. This NEIPA is no exception! With its hazy golden copper color, moderate head, floral aromas, and slightly hoppy taste profile, this NEIPA will surely please even the most discerning craft beer drinkers! So why not pick up some Mountain Haze today? You won’t be sorry! Cheers!

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