Long Story Longer DIPA
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Back Hill Beer Co, Rochester NH

Now for a Long Story Longer DIPA – a delicious and flavorful beer that will delight your taste buds. With an impressive 8.2% ABV, this fruity IPA double packs a punch in strength and flavor. This craft beer is meant to be enjoyed, unlike those light beers at every corner store.

This beer was a pleasant surprise. My girlfriend and I intended to visit another local brewery in Rochester, New Hampshire. Instead, we ended up at a small smokehouse nearby due to the packed brewery and long wait time. I’ll be sure to revisit this un-named craft brewery as it has been on my radar for some time now (review coming soon). This small smokehouse also happened to have local craft beer. This was a win in my book because I also love barbecue!

Back Hill Brewing Co - Long Story Longer DIPA
Back Hill Brewing Co – Long Story Longer DIPA

The First Sip of a Long Story DIPA

The fantastic aroma is the first thing you’ll notice when sip Long Story Longer DIPA. The scent of orange and citrus fills your nose, tantalizing your senses and exciting you for the first sip.

The flavor of this beer is good overall. The rich, full-body taste is both tart and bitter, with a subtle sweetness that balances everything out perfectly. The hazy orange juice appearance adds to the overall experience, making Long Story Longer a genuinely unique and enjoyable beer.

I’ll check out Long Story Longer DIPA from the Rochester, NH brewers and see their other offerings. The brewers at Back Hill Beer Co. did a great job selecting the hops and other ingredients to ensure the beer was good to the last drop.


Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just looking for something new and exciting, Long Story Longer Double IPA is worth a taste. With its delicious flavor, high alcohol content, and beautiful appearance, this beer could become one of your favorites. So, could you pick up a can of Long Story Longer Double IPA me you’re at the liquor store? Your taste buds will thank you!


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