I Will Survive
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I Will Survive | A Craft Beer to Support Domestic Violence Awareness

Lithermans Limited Brewery in Concord, NH, has created a sour beer called I Will Survive. This tart brew is a 5% Alcohol by Volume Iced Tea and Lemonade Sour Ale that helps promote domestic violence awareness. Let’s explore this unique beer and the cause it supports!

Lithermans Limited | I Will Survive
Lithermans Limited | I Will Survive

What Goes Into I Will Survive?

I Will Survive a craft sour beer with iced tea and lemonade flavors. Discerning the flavors of this sour was difficult as I prefer something other than sour beers. In addition to that, the combination of lemonade and iced tea was too much for me. This tart and bubbly sour ale hints at traditional tea and lemonade flavor. It pours bright red with a pinkish-white head that dissipates quickly. Its aroma features notes of sour citrus. Its taste is tart with subtle hints of lemon and tea. All in all, this beer left me wanting something more pronounced.

Supporting Domestic Violence Awareness

Lithermans Limited Brewery has partnered with the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence (NHCADSV) to create this unique beer. In addition, Lithermans Limited has produced events in Concord to raise awareness during Sexual Assault Action Month. To help end domestic violence and sexual assault in New Hampshire communities. This partnership allows Lithermans Limited Brewery to help raise awareness for the cause and provide support for those affected by abuse or violence.


I Will Survive is more than just another craft beer—it’s an opportunity to do good while enjoying craft beer. This unique sour ale from Lithermans Limited Brewery supports domestic violence awareness in New Hampshire communities. If you’re into sour ales and have the opportunity to try this, I might look for something different, but if you want to support a good cause and are a die-hard fan of lemonade and iced tea. Then this might be your brew!

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