Hometown Hat Trick
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I will surely catch some flak for this, but I’m not a huge hockey fan. That being said, I’m always willing to try a collaboration craft beer—especially one for a good cause. I present you the Hometown Hat Trick Pilsner by Harpoon Brewery.

Beer for a good cause

One of the many reasons I started this journey was to promote the many positive aspects of locally-owned breweries. Let us embrace the community spirit and support local businesses. Especially in the craft brewing industry, these breweries not only provide delicious and unique beers. They are giving back to the communities through charitable causes. The Hometown Hat Trick Pilsner by Harpoon Brewery is a perfect example. It’s a local New England brewery that embodies integrity, passion, and a dedication to giving back. So let us raise a glass to these local heroes and their positive impact on New England culture, business, and communities.

hometown hat trick pilsner
Harpoon Brewery – Hometown Hat Trick Pilsner

Boston “Brewins” Assemble!

Harpoon Brewery, in partnership with Massachusetts native Matt Grzelcyk, Wags, Coyle, and Grizzy, has created a limited-release craft beer. This unique Pilsner, created by the local hockey legends, packs a punch with 3x the regular dry hops for a full-on hat trick of flavor.

This Pilsner comes in at 5.22% Alcohol by Volume. Making a craft Pilsner, this is smooth and crisp and sure to be a crowd-pleaser. In addition, the dry hopping gives it a distinct hoppy aroma and taste. This makes it a perfect choice for beer lovers who enjoy a robust and flavorful brew.

One thing to note about Hometown Hat Trick Pilsner is that a portion of the proceeds from all cases sold will be donated to the Corey C. Griffin Foundation. This non-profit organization was established to honor the memory of Corey Griffin. A passionate member of the local Boston community, and support other local charities and causes.

hometown hat trick pilsner
Craft beer at its finest.

The Triple Threat Pilsner

If you’re a fan of the Boston Bruins or enjoy craft beer, Hometown Hat Trick Pilsner is a must-try craft beer from an iconic local craft brewery. With its unique flavor, charitable cause, and local roots, it’s a beer that truly represents the spirit of Boston. Cheers to the Boston Bruins and the Harpoon Brewery team for creating this one-of-a-kind brew.

As always, remember to check out some other brews! There’s plenty for everyone, and I am constantly seeking out new craft beers from the New England area!


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