Hale Irish Red
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Millyard Brewery’s Hale Irish Red is a standard take on the traditional Irish Red. This Irish craft ale has an inviting red amber hue and a good flavor that isn’t unpleasant.

I have yet to find an Irish red that has made me swoon. Sure, it’s drinkable and has excellent flavor, but there’s just one element missing that makes this beer stand out amongst all the other Irish reds. What that is, I don’t know. But that’s why I drink the beer. Perhaps someday I’ll give brewing a shot and write a review on my own Irish red if I live to tell the tale!

Hale Irish Red - Millyard Brewery
Hale Irish Red – Millyard Brewery

Traditional Irish Red Ale Taste

The aroma of this craft beer is malty and inviting, with notes of toasted barley. The taste follows suit, with each sip featuring the same delicious flavors as the nose. The maltiness complements the sweetness from the caramel perfectly, while the toasted barley gives it an extra layer of character that makes this beer easy to enjoy.

This full-bodied yet smooth brew has 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). It’s light enough to be enjoyed casually but still packs enough punch to satisfy your cravings for something more substantial now and then. With its well-balanced bitterness that lingers on your tongue after each sip, Millyard Brewery’s Hale Irish Red doesn’t have a muted flavor like some other Irish reds. It’s pleasing to swig, and the swallow has some lightly roasted grain qualities. This helps to dry out the finish. I did catch some rather pleasant toffee flavor.

Hale Irish Red - Millyard Brewery
Hale Irish Red – Millyard Brewery


Ultimately, I was still thinking about this beer, just sipping and enjoying it on a snowy afternoon. Perhaps that’s what the brewers intended. But, on the other hand, they may want to create a craft brew that paid homage to the other traditional Irish reds of Kilkenny. If that is the case, then they did a fine job.

Next time you want something unique yet familiarly comforting, try Millyard Brewery’s Hale Irish Red Craft Beer. You’ll enjoy sipping on a cold glass while taking in all its beautiful aromas and tastes—it might even transport you straight into Ireland if you close your eyes hard enough. If Irish reds are your thing, I recommend heading to Nashua to try Millyard Brewery’s take on a traditional Irish red craft beer.

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