Cloud Drop DIPA
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Cloud Drop Double IPA (DIPA)

Cloud Drop Double IPA, what can I say? There are double IPAs, and then there is Cloud Drop DIPA by Upper Pass Beer Company. This delicious double India pale ale offers a robust and hoppy flavor profile without the overwhelming bitterness often in other double IPAs. The aroma is piney and citrusy, and the hazy golden color is inviting. The beer pours with a significant head and high carbonation level, which adds to the overall drinking experience.

Cloud Drop Double IPA
Cloud Drop Double IPA

One of the best things about this craft beer is its smoothness, despite the high alcohol content of 8%. With an alcohol content that high, you should pace or limit yourself. The hops profile for this beer is well balanced and offers a piney citrus flavor. The aftertaste is what you would expect from a DIPA, with robust hop flavor throughout. Despite that, it’s an easy-to-drink, refreshing beer perfect for any beer lover.

The mouthfeel is smooth and crisp, which adds to the overall enjoyment of the beer. The balance of hoppy and piney citrus flavor with the beer’s smoothness is perfect bliss. The 60 IBU is also ideal for those who prefer a less bitter beer. I like to be around 60 IBUs, so that falls right within a range I’m happy with.

cloud drop dipa - glass and can
Cloud Drop DIPA and showing off a robust head.


Overall, Cloud Drop DIPA by Upper Pass Beer Company is a must-try for any beer lover looking for something new and unique from Vermont. It’s a well-crafted beer that offers a great representation of a Double India Pale Ale. It’s one delicious craft beer that I’ll be looking to pick up again.

Next time you’re in Vermont, head on over to Upper Pass to Cloud Drop DIPA a try!

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