Blueberry Pancake
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Sour Pipe Project
Vitamin Sea Brewing

If you’re looking for a beer to transport you to Sunday brunch, the Blueberry Pancake Ale – Sour Pipe Project by Vitamin Sea Brewing Company in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is your ticket. This unique ale packs a flavor punch and tastes like drinking blueberry pancakes – no joke!

sour pipe project - blueberry pancake ale
Vitamin Sea Brewing – Blueberry Pancake Ale

At first, I was amazed at the amount of flavor. The maple syrup and blueberry flavor were there and in full force. There was a bit of buttery flavor to go with it as well. Once the initial amazement wore off, I was a bit disappointed. It was just too damn flavorful. That isn’t always a bad thing, but, in my opinion, this time, it was. I feel like the overwhelming flavor takes away from this experience. If it had just been dialed back from an 11 to about a 9, I think this would have been an exceptional beer.

Punched in the mouth with pancakes

When I first picked up this 6% ABV brew at my local store, I expected it to have more of an understated taste. But upon tasting Vitamin Sea’s Pancake Ale, I was surprised by its power-packed flavor profile, which includes maple syrup butter and blueberry notes. It has intense sweetness from all the berry flavors, but there’s also some tartness from the blueberries that helps balance out the pancake flavor nicely, making for an explosion of taste.

This isn’t a beer you down quickly; I would rather you take your time with each sip, as this is best enjoyed when drank thoughtfully. The intense combination of sweet fruitiness paired with decadent pancakes makes this Ale potent.


It might have been good if this beer had been toned down in flavor. Regardless, it’s still a fantastic craft beer. The flavor is on point despite it being overwhelming for my taste. The brewers made a statement with this beer. It’s rich and bursting at the seams with flavor.

I’ll watch for the other variations of this craft beer by Vitamin Sea Brewing. I expect some cans to explode from all the flavor packed inside. Suppose you spot one of these brews at your local store. Don’t hesitate to pick it up and give it a try.

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