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Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA

Have you ever wanted to try a New England IPA but found the flavors were too overwhelming? If so, Millyard Brewery’s Hazy NEIPA may be precisely what you seek. This copper-colored beer is a mellow take on the classic style, with hops taking a back seat and letting the juicy citrus flavor come through. Let’s take a closer look at this unique brew.

Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA
Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA

A Mellow Take on the Classic New England IPA

Aroma and Appearance: The smell of this craft beer does not overpower you, as it has a subtle citrus and oats scent with a moderate head that quickly dissipates. As for appearance, the beer has an attractive pale copper color that looks great in any glass.

On the first sip, you will notice the juicy, hoppy flavor with hints of citrus. While the flavor profile is mellower than other NEIPAs, it has enough character to make it stand out. It’s easily an everyday beer with its more reserved flavor. Something of an oddity among craft beers since they tend to favor bold and unique flavor combinations.

One thing to remember about this brew is its 7.5% ABV content, which makes it slightly higher than other beers. It also contains New Zealand hops, a little bitter but still ensuring it remains relatively mild compared to other IPAs. The brewers may have been more reserved in their dry hopping regimen to allow the citrus flavors to shine through and balance the taste.

“Today’s NEIPA or New England IPA origintated in Vermont in the early 2000’s. From there this juicy, hazy IPA style has become a stable within New England and across the country becoming a truly recognized style.”

Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA
Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA
Millyard Brewery | Beached Hazy NEIPA


Millyard Brewery’s Hazy NEIPA is worth trying if you are looking for something different from your traditional NEIPAs or even if you want to experience a more subdued version of an already popular craft beer style. With its juicy, hazy, and hoppy flavor, this brew delivers an enjoyable drinking experience for craft beer lovers everywhere! So next time you’re looking for something new to try, why not give Millyard Brewing Company’s Beached Hazy NEIPA a go? You won’t regret it!

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