About Barry and My Love for Craft Beer
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Hey there, my name is Barry and I am here to share my passion for craft beer and hiking in New England.

Baxter Peak, Katahdin
That’s me at the summit of Baxter Peak, Katahdin!

I have always been an outdoors enthusiast from a young age. Hiking has been a favorite pastime of mine for some time. I find nothing more rejuvenating than hitting the trails and immersing myself in nature. The fresh air, the beautiful views, and the sense of accomplishment after reaching the summit all make for an incredibly satisfying experience.

But my love for the great outdoors is not my only passion. About ten years ago, I discovered the world of craft beer and I was instantly hooked. The variety of flavors, the unique brewing methods, and the dedication of the local breweries in New England.

Soon I became a regular at tasting events and festivals, sampling new brews, and meeting other craft beer enthusiasts. I also began planning my hikes around the locations of local breweries, making sure to stop by for a tasting after a long day on the trail.

For me, craft beer and hiking are a perfect match. Both activities involve a sense of adventure and appreciation for the finer things in life. And there’s nothing quite like reaching the summit of a hike. Then cracking open a well-deserved beer afterwards.

I appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into making each brew unique. I enjoy learning about the brewing process and the different ingredients used. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting beers to try.

I believe that my love for craft beer and hiking complement each other. Both activities allow me to clear my mind and enjoy the moment. And I find that the taste of a cold craft beer is even more satisfying after a long hike.

Take some time, crack open a beer and check out all there is to offer!

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